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"Lieb revolutionizes the arena for real estate classes in our busy schedule."

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"The content is presented in a higher level than so many of the standard real estate school classes and Andrew Lieb adds more meat to the subject for those who hunger for more info than the basic course requirements."

"Because of Lieb’s actual experiences in the field of brokerage litigation, these courses are superior, engrossing and entertaining."

"There isn't a Lieb course that hasn't been a major learning experience. I highly recommend both his live and online courses. They provide excellent value for the quality information provided."

"Thank you, Andrew and Lauren for this school. It is a labor of love."

"I've taken a lot away from Andrew Lieb's real estate classes, which has helped me do more business and reduce my liability (and therefore reduce my stress). It's really nice when my clients and prospects think that I'm intelligent and Lieb School has really helped me accomplish that. After 13 years in the business and taking lots of real estate education, Lieb School is the best real estate school that I know of."

"These courses are eye-opening to most licensees who continue to believe they will never be caught violating NY State License Law. The content is truly helpful to those agents/brokers who want to do the right thing, but are often confused about the wide variety of answers they get from their brokers, managers and colleagues."

"Andrew Lieb is funny, tactful & extremely knowledgeable on the subjects he teaches. I love his enthusiasm."

"Well developed & formatted, very user friendly, fun, interesting & educational."

"Lieb is beyond engaging, very knowledgeable and keeps your attention."

"I would highly recommend Mr. Lieb AMAZING!"

"I enjoyed the recorded live instruction, it was engaging even though I was not physically present."

"Love Lieb’s energy and his passion. Usually these courses put you to sleep but he was just excellent!"

"Love the videos!"

"Thank you for all you do Andrew, always informative and funny, which makes learning better."

"Best class I have ever taken!!!"

"Lieb is extremely knowledgeable and keeps the information coming at a pace that is easy to process. Also repeats key points throughout and has some great anecdotes!"

"I would strongly recommend this to other agents. Actually, I just did!"

"Very well developed and formatted. Very user friendly"

"This is a much better way to take a class then to have to read all of the material yourself. Goes quickly and you get a better understanding."

"Much more entertaining and engaging because Lieb offers real life insight into today's real estate climate."

"Lieb is a legend!"

"You make this process a lot less painful than it usually is. I greatly appreciate it."

"Very entertaining!"

"Lieb is very knowledgeable and engaging and seems genuinely concerned that we understand these very important laws governing our profession."

"He blew my mind. Smart, funny and knowledgeable!"


"Made online course interesting educational and not boring."

"I signed up for Lieb School because I have had Andrew as an instructor before and like him. He makes mundane topics more entertaining and easier to understand."

"Andrew's a trip! Excellent teacher. You can tell he cares"

"Unbelievable instructor! Andrew was made to do this, I learned so much!!!"

"Andrew is engaging, knows his subject in great depth and from first-hand experience and is the essence of "free, food and fun" even if I paid for the class and had to provide my own food....the fun was worth it! My favorite instructor, I get so much more from a Lieb class than from any other source."

"Andrew is fantastic and so freaking smart!"

"Andrew Lieb uses anecdotes and slides to aid in learning the subject matter. These are very useful in putting the rules and practices to use."

"Very energetic/real and didn't feel like a cookie cutter course."

"Mr Lieb is TERRIFIC and knows how to keep your attention."

"Lieb is very smart person who demonstrates the ability to connect with his students. Serious but could interject some humor also."

"He is just amazing. Love listening to him."

"Andrew always intrigues me at the live classes and same energy at the on line classes."

"Totally worth the money."

"I like the video approach because other online courses are too boring with no interaction. This is a Real Life teaching style with videos. Lieb School rocks!"

"I found this teaching style enabled me to better comprehend the subject matter which at times could have seemed confusing."

"Great courses. Countless strategies to benefit your career and clients. Thank you."

"These courses are very informative and deals with real life scenarios. This helps one to grasp the concepts better."

"Very knowledgeable and offers great advice to stay compliant."