School Policies

I have taken ONLINE classes through other schools, how are Lieb School ONLINE classes different?

You are in for an educational treat! Lieb School's ONLINE classes are the benchmark of best practice in distance learning for real estate professionals where multiple learning styles are simultaneously targeted for optimal understanding of topical materials on the Digital Chalk Course Management System. We have video, audio, interactivity, and more. Our ONLINE classes are familiar and non-threatening for traditional learners by including video from a live course that occurred in the formal classroom setting, but these ONLINE classes are delivered in an asynchronous model that makes our classes accessible whenever and wherever you, the adult student, find convenient regardless of when the live course was actually offered. Videoing live courses is only the start of what makes Lieb School’s ONLINE Classes best in class within the distance education marketplace. Each cloud-based ONLINE class offers interactivity between you, the student, and the course instructor(s) where your assignments can be assessed and your questions answered in a private forum. Additionally, our courses are broken-down into instructional units in order to simplify the learning experience so that students can absorb complex materials without being overwhelmed. Each unit can be replayed, paused, and rewound until you, the student, have a working understanding that can benefit your career. Lastly, our ONLINE classes offer a note-taking feature and instant feedback to randomized quiz questions to eliminate any boredom. Like others, Lieb School offers continuing education credits, but Lieb School’s mission is to enhance your career through best in class license law education.

How do I sign up for ONLINE Classes?

If you are new to ONLINE classes, you simply have to sign up for a new ONLINE class account through our separate ONLINE learning management system. Once you have created an ONLINE class profile you can login to enroll in ONLINE classes.

Who instructs Lieb School ONLINE classes?

Andrew Lieb, Esq., MPH is the exclusive course developer and lecturer for all Lieb School ONLINE classes.

How long do I have to complete an ONLINE class?

Classes must be taken within 6 months of the registration date. After 6 months, courses will automatically expire and you will need to repurchase the course to complete it after such date.

How long will I have access to my certificate for the ONLINE class?

Upon successful completion of each ONLINE class, you will have access to your certificate for 6 months from the registration date to download and print the certificate. We recommend that you immediately download and print the certificate following the completion of each course.

How does the ONLINE class completion process work with my credits and certificates?

At the end of each course, you will need to verify your identity and digitally sign and date a statement that you have completed each module of the learning program. Lieb School will thereafter issue a certificate of completion which you can download and print for free. You will have access to the downloadable certificate of completion for 6 months from the date that you originally registered for the course. The certificates that you receive upon completion of each course should be maintained by you. The Department of State (DOS) will require the certificate in the event of a license audit. To request a duplicate certificate after the heretofore explained 6 month period of course registration, there is a $50.00 fee to so obtain a certificate. To make such a request, you need to email with the subject “process duplicate certificate request and payment.” lieb school submits to the department of state, bureau of educational standards, all licensee information for successful completion of each course. in the event of an audit, the dos will cross reference the certificates with the student completion records received by each school, such as lieb school. you are responsible for completing all 22.5 credits by your license renewal deadline date.

How can I download a certificate after I complete an Online Class?

You can download your certificate by logging into your online classes account here.

After you login, click on "Completed Courses" which is located below your dashboard. You can download a certificate per class you completed. Make sure you download them right away because you will not have access to them after 6 months from the date that you registered for the course. The Department of State will request the certificate in the event of a license audit. If your course expires and you did not download the free certificate and need a new one in the event of a license audit, you can request a duplicate certificate after the heretofore explained 6 month period of course registration, there is a $50.00 fee to so obtain a certificate. To make such a request, you need to email with the subject "process duplicate certificate request and payment."

What is the refund policy?

Because of the nature of digital media delivered on the World Wide Web, it is not possible to return access to digital media once it has been granted. Because of this, all purchases made ONLINE with are NON-REFUNDABLE. Lieb School may, at its sole discretion, provide an exception to the no-refund policy if written request is received within 7 days of the transaction and you meet either of the following conditions:

  1. You can provide documented and verifiable proof of a hardship beyond your control that prevents you from accessing the material that you purchased.
  2. You cannot access the material due to an error on the part of web site or system.

To be considered for a refund, you must email a copy of your sales receipt to within 7 days of purchase with the subject “hardship refund request.”

What are your policies on contacting the instructor if I am signed up for an ONLINE class?

Each ONLINE class has a section at the beginning of the Course Outline that is titled “Course Orientation.” There, you will be directed on how to email the instructor and/or teaching assistant(s). Additionally, you can comment and ask questions throughout the course by clicking on the comment icon on the right of each course element. When the instructor and/or teaching assistant(s) responds to your in-class comment, you will receive an email notification and the comment icon to the right of the course element will turn blue. You may click on the comment icon to see the response or you may review the email notification instead. Furthermore, you can post questions and comments about course content on Lieb School’s Facebook Page. This will allow you to discuss course content not only with the instructor but with other students as well. The instructor and/or teaching assistants(s) will undertake best efforts to respond to your emails, in-class comments, and Facebook discussion posts within 5 business days, but no response in its entirety or deadline for a response is guaranteed under any circumstances. Only questions seeking clarification of course materials will be addressed and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will legal advice or a legal relationship be formed through your enrollment in an ONLINE class. Such instructor contact is for informational purposes only. In fact, no information received from Lieb School should EVER be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion with regards to any specific facts or circumstances. Nor shall same be construed as financial or accounting advice. No attorney-client relationship can be formed through utilization of Lieb School. You, the student, should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel and advice.

What are the minimum systems requirements for ONLINE classes?

Lieb School ONLINE classes are available in the cloud. You will need high speed internet access and the following browsers are supported: Internet Explorer 9, Chrome Current and (Current-1), Firefox Current and (Current-1), Safari 6. Current and (Current-1) denote that we support the current stable version of the browser and the version that preceded it. For example, if the current version of a browser is 24.x, we support the 24.x and 23.x versions. You will need CPU of 2 Gigahertz (GHz) and Memory of 2 Gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 4 GB RAM (64-bit). The minimum Operating System is Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.7, iOS 6, Android 4. The minimum Screen Resolution must be 1024 x 768.

What is Lieb School’s policy on cheating or misrepresenting learner identity?

Lieb School may report you to the Department of State for acts of untrustworthiness in the practice of Real Estate Brokerage.