Date Category Title Publication Author
01/2023 Lawsuits - General How Bryan Kohberger Could Lose His Lawyer Newsweek Khaleda Rahman
01/2023 Employment Rule change would curb companies' bans on employees jumping to competitors Newsday Jamie Herzlich
01/2023 Lawsuits - General Hunter Biden's Alleged Rent Payments Spark Wave of Conspiracy Theories Newsweek NICK MORDOWANEC
01/2023 Lawsuits - General Elon Musk Unfollows His Own Brother on Twitter Newsweek Jamie Burton
01/2023 Lawsuits - General Trump Losing Legal Battle Could Bring Onslaught of Lawsuits Newsweek Jon Jackson
01/2023 Real Estate - General Man Banning Brother's Girlfriend From Showering Cheered: 'Footing the Bill' Newsweek Alice Gibbs
12/2022 Lawsuits - General Donald Trump's Chances of Being Indicted in the New Year Newsweek KATHERINE FUNG
12/2022 Lawsuits - General Donald Trump Has Reason to Fear Mark Meadows Newsweek KATHERINE FUNG
12/2022 Lawsuits - General Will Trump's Tax Returns Be His Downfall? Newsweek Matthew Impelli
12/2022 Lawsuits - General Kari Lake Election Trial Marred With Embarrassing Mishaps Newsweek Matthew Impelli
12/2022 Lawsuits - General Trump's Giving Prosecutors Evidence to Use Against Him in Court Newsweek Matthew Impelli
12/2022 Constitutional Law Republican Senator Pushes Law to Effectively Outlaw Online Porn Nationwide Newsweek NICK MORDOWANEC
11/2022 Lawsuits - General How Kanye West Sexual Harassment Allegations Could Affect Adidas Legally Newsweek Ryan Smith
11/2022 Lawsuits - General Alec Baldwin's Choice to Sue 'Rust' Crewmembers a 'Risky Strategy'—Lawyers Newsweek Jamie Burton
11/2022 Lawsuits - General Should Ron DeSantis Sue 'The Good Fight' Creators? Legal Experts Debate Newsweek Jamie Burton
11/2022 Real Estate - General How Tiffany Trump's Mar-a-Lago Wedding Could Be Ruined by Hurricane Nicole Newsweek Jamie Burton
11/2022 Discrimination 'SNL Cast Should Appreciate' Dave Chappelle's Work, Claims Media Lawyer Newsweek Jamie Burton
10/2022 Discrimination Why Anna Faris Can't Sue Over Alleged Harassment by Director Ivan Reitman Newsweek Shannon Power
10/2022 Lawsuits - General Kanye Will 'Learn What It's Like To Be' Alex Jones Amid George Floyd Suit Newsweek Ryan Smith
10/2022 Discrimination Hochul orders investigation into Connetquot school Pride flags ban Newsday Dandan Zou