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Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Deal Killers (3 Credits)

Deal Killers ONLINE a 3 hour distance education course that designed to teach New York real estate brokers and salespersons how to perform their job without exposure to lawsuits.

A properly negotiated deal should not die. It's when brokers just discuss price that everything goes wrong. This online continuing education course is all about preparing brokers to comprehensively negotiate a deal with substance. Starting with educating a basic understanding of the most important real estate terms in a transaction, such as title, escrow deposits, closing date, financing, and contingencies, this course delves into leveraging your understandings to win the deal. More so, brokers are taught how to prove that they negotiated substantially all of the essential terms of the transaction in order to lock in their commissions.

After completing this course, you will be able to distinguish between legal duties and industry standards of best practice in real estate brokerage. You will also understand how to interpret and negotiate the key terms of a contract of sale. You will learn how to avoid breaking the law incident to negotiating a deal, understand earnest money, escrow and IOLA, and negotiate contingencies in real estate transactions. 

This course combines video footage of Andrew Lieb, Esq. teaching live class segments with visuals, study guides, and quizzes in order to optimize your understanding of the intense materials. It is delivered in an asynchronous model to allow for accessibility whenever and wherever you find convenient while also offering note-taking and in-class comment features to provide opportunities for feedback, questions, and discussions.

Department of State License Course Code: M12437

Credits: 3.00 CE Hours