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Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Failure-To-Accommodate Housing Discrimination Lawsuits (3.5 Credits)

Does a landlord need to permit a service animal? How about a co-op and a service animal? What about whether a condo needs to reassign parking spaces if a disabled owner makes an accommodation request? This 3.5 credit CE, which satisfies the DOS Fair Housing & Discrimination Requirement, will answer these types of questions and more. We will go through the law and then, we will analyze ten of the most important cases in the field. You will learn how to respond to accommodation / modification requests from prospective tenants and purchasers who have disabilities. You will understand the process for determining whether such a request must be granted or denied, which is called the interactive process or the cooperative dialogue (based on location). You will be prepared to make smart decisions in advising your buyers and renters in seeking out property today. As a real estate licensee, you need to know how to navigate accommodations and modifications that are required by the 26% of US adults who are disabled and are entitled to make these requests. If you don't, you could easily lose your license and get sued for your entire net worth. It's time to learn the most litigated aspect of housing discrimination law. 

Andrew Lieb, Esq., developed and instructed this course. Mr. Lieb is a premiere NY real estate litigator and compliance trainer that focuses his legal practice on real estate brokerage compliance and litigation. This course and can be taken on Tablets, IPADs, MACs and PCs with a high-speed internet connection.

Credits: 3.50 CE Hours