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Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Zoning & Title (11.5 Credits)

Are you a professional or just a traveling salesman? Real estate professionals understand zoning, land use, title insurance and claims to ownership. In contrast, salesman simply bluster with fluff. If you are more than just fluff, this is the course for you. This 11.5 hour CE course educates about town / village codes, the NYC Administrative Code, zoning enforcement, tickets, title insurance, and how to leverage title defects in negotiations. You will gain self-confidence, substance and more. You will be ready for new development projects, retrofitting and tear downs. This course is a must for any real estate agent who doesn’t simply work on cookie-cutter, unmodified, developments. Learn the law of real estate and finally understand what the attorneys are talking about, which, by the way, is the best way to secure your closing of title.   

Zoning & Title ONLINE is a video real estate continuing education course that satisfies 11.5 credits of the total 22.5 credits required by the NY Department of State for license renewal.

Andrew Lieb, Esq., developed and instructed this course. Mr. Lieb is a premiere NY real estate litigator and compliance trainer that focuses his legal practice on real estate brokerage compliance and litigation. This course includes video segments filmed in front of a live studio audience and can be taken on Tablets, IPADs, MACs and PCs with a high speed internet connection.

Credits: 11.50 CE Hours