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Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Foreclosure & Short Sales (3 Credits)

Short sales are a constant source of business for real estate brokers. Yet, this business must be carefully managed as short sale clients are facing hard times, such as foreclosure and owning an underwater home. To succeed, brokers must manage their client’s frustration by constantly reminding those clients of the purpose of a short sale – to obtain a waiver of deficiency judgment, which will otherwise follow the homeowner for the next 20 years. After taking this 3 credit course, you will understand the intricacies of foreclosure litigation, the alternative settlement options to a short sale, such as a modification or deed-in-lieu, and you will be ready to receive commission for helping unfortunate homeowners in your community. Learn to obtain your financial windfall while feeling good about your contribution to the less fortunate along the way.   

Foreclosure & Short Sales ONLINE is a video real estate continuing education course that satisfies 3 credits of the total 22.5 credits required by the NY Department of State for license renewal. This course was developed and instructed by Andrew Lieb, Esq., a premiere NY real estate litigator and compliance trainer that focuses his legal practice on real estate brokerage compliance and litigation. This course includes video segments filmed in front of a live studio audience and can be taken on Tablets, IPADs, MACs and PCs with a high speed internet connection.

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** Must complete the courses 6 months from the date you registered

Department of State License Course Code: M13195

Credits: 3.00 CE Hours