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Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Long Island Landlord

Rentals are dangerous for the untrained real estate salesperson, associate broker and broker. License law violations and lawsuits are ever present on such varying topics as unauthorized practice of law for lease drafting, discrimination, illegal occupancy concerning COs and rental permits, holding escrow, agency disclosure and much more. This 3 credit continuing education course equips students with the know-how to engage in this lucrative field. Unlike sales, rentals offer a source of recurring revenue, a book of business and an opportunity to work with some of our industry's top real estate moguls. In order to service the best, a broker must serve as a strategic partner that understands the law of this hyper-regulated industry. This course will prepare students to perform the requisite cost / benefit analysis for each lease term in order to maximize their landlord's profit, expand their landlord's empire and thereby generate recurring brokerage revenue. 

Credits: 3.00 CE Hours