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Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Condo Course

Condos offer real estate brokers / salespersons a unique opportunity to secure a source of recurring commissions because owners may come and go, but the broker / salesperson can remain a constant in the building. To succeed with condos, a real estate broker / salesperson must become a topical expert. This expertise is required because condos are the only type of real estate with their own body of law, the Condominium Act. This law controls the property and is the guidepost under which every building must operate. From taking this 2 credit CE course, you will finally understand the role of the sponsor and the board of managers under this law. You will learn about the condo’s declaration, by-laws and house rules. You will gain the skill to leverage these foundational documents in order to close deals. When closing deals, you will learn condo-specific deed rules and how to avoid being sued along the way.     

Credits: 2.00 CE Hours